fragile collection

sculptural chairs, side table, cabinet



the “Fragile” Collection: where the ethereal beauty of grey glass furniture defies expectations. Despite their translucent elegance, these pieces are designed with a hidden robustness that encourages everyday use. The grey glass, with its smooth, refined surfaces reflecting light in a gentle shimmer, plays with shadows to evoke an ethereal beauty. However, beneath this delicate facade lies a surprising durability that challenges norms.

This collection seamlessly redefines the intersection of art and functionality. From dainty end tables securely holding belongings to seemingly delicate chairs providing reliable seating, “Fragile” reminds us that appearances can be misleading. The grey glass, though delicate in appearance, has been specially treated to ensure sturdiness and practicality in everyday use.

Embrace the delicate allure of the “Fragile” Collection, experiencing the artistry of grey glass furniture gracefully balancing fragility with utility. Each piece serves as a testament to the harmony between delicate aesthetics and unexpected robustness, showcasing the art of design in its purest form.

Within this transformative narrative, the “Fragile” collection emerges, breathing new life into forgotten remnants. Crafted from recycled glass sourced from a former furniture company that faced bankruptcy, these black glass furniture art objects transcend conventional perceptions. The recycled glass, metaphorical in its scars and imperfections, symbolizes the fragility inherent in the human experience. Yet, its glossy surface, seemingly delicate, encapsulates strength emerging from embracing vulnerabilities. As users engage with these artful creations, they become part of a larger narrative, celebrating resilience and the transformative power of creativity.