sculptural lounge chair
Ed. 1 in 3 types of colors (black, white and brown)

h80 x l100 x w55 cm


A glass lounge chair that embraces immateriality and transparency in a stunning display of design. Crafted entirely from sleek black glass, this chair defies gravity, its seamless construction creating an illusion of weightlessness. With no visible connections, the chair’s solid state seems to dissolve, leaving behind a mysterious and elegant presence. Sink into its sleek contours, supported by panels of lustrous black glass that exude an air of sophistication. Let yourself be enchanted by the play of shadows and reflections as light filters through the translucent material, adding an element of intrigue to its design. With c.2[gg], witness the fusion of mystique and modernity, as black glass becomes a medium for captivating aesthetic exploration.