Thibeau Scarcériaux is a Belgium-based artist and designer

who has a diverse but consistently impressive practice. He graduated from furniture design at Thomas More, where he honed his skills in the field and developed a unique aesthetic. In addition to his studies in furniture design, Scarcériaux also has a background in industrial design, which has contributed to his diverse body of work.

Scarcériaux’s work is known for its use of unusual materials and
its sculptural and monumental qualities. He has a talent for taking mundane or everyday objects and transforming them into something extraordinary, often with a focus on form and function. His attention
to detail and innovative approach to design sets him apart from other artists and designers, and has earned him a reputation for creating truly unique and memorable pieces. The objects he creates often flow between art and functionality, blurring the lines between the two and challenging the viewer’s expectations.

One of the main themes in Scarcériaux’s work is the concept of taboo. He creates objects and installations that explore the social, cultural, economic, and physical aspects of taboo subjects. Through this exploration, Scarcériaux aims to create a dialogue between his work and the viewer, encouraging contemplation and discussion of the subject. This allows the viewer to form their own opinions on the topic at hand and engage in a meaningful exchange with the artwork. Scarcériaux’s focus on taboo subjects adds depth and nuance to his work, and allows him to tackle complex and often controversial topics in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way.