Art installation

h600 x l400 x w400  cm

U07.1 transforms smartlab into a diorama where nothing is what it seems... Reflection is the code word.

U07.1 is also the code assigned to patients with pneumonia confirmed to be due to Covid-19.Without having been in contact with the virus himself, this title indicates that Scarceriaux did not remain insensitive to the (consequences of the) pandemic.He makes no bones about his conviction that she has broken humanity. At the same time, he sees the beauty in... lockdowns that on the one hand push people back into their domesticity and on the other hand encourage them to move outside...In his installation for ACT XVIII, he brings "outdoor" connotations inside with few resources. His fascination for reflection is again his weapon.

Smartlab is an (on- as well as offline) platform for undisciplined arts.  You can peep in this "common place for the unusual" through the window (spoorwegstraat 50, Hasslt, Belgium) or on this website (24/7 live streaming whenever an act is going on).