Studio address
Dageraadstraat 2
2800 Mechelen, Belgë

Postal address
Thibeau scarcériaux
Omleidng 55
3020 Herent, België 

Thibeau Scarcériaux is a Belgium-based, artist/designer. He graduated from Vomo (furniture desing) at Thomas more , Mechelen in 2020, complementing a prior training in Industrial design at Howest, Kortkrijk. His practice is diverse but consistent and stands out for its unusual material, sculptural and monumental qualities.

Furniture objects

Thibeau explores and transforms the possible interactions between an object, its architectural environment and its user. His works are in the same time autonomous artistic manifestations and utile solutions, an ambiguity thibeau deliberately aims for. He creates his objects and rhythmic installations in varying dimensions, both in private and in public contexts. The works often influence the spatial perception of the environment they become part of, sometimes by extending an existing space through creating a new space within it.

Art objects

Taboo: A subject, word, or act that is avoided for religious or social reasons.

Thibeau scarcériaux is an artist who creates objects / installations around taboos by researching the social, cultural, economic and physical properties of this subject.
This creates a dialogue between the work and the spectator, so that the subject is discussed and the viewer can choose his own view on the subject. A moment of contemplation.