252455615968443048 seconds 

sculptural Mirror | light

h 79x l 79x w 10 cm

252455615968443048 is a sculptural mirror| lighting that started  as an ordinary mirror in a second hand store.
The sculpture is a representation of a fase when the sun dies,  like most stars, during the main phase of its lifetime, the Sun creates energy by fusing hydrogen atoms in its core. In about 5 billion years, the Sun will start to run out of hydrogen in its core to fuse, and it will begin to collapse. This will let the Sun start to fuse heavier elements in the core, along with fusing hydrogen in a shell wrapped around the core. When this happens, the Sun's temperature will increase, and the outer layers of the Sun's atmosphere will expand so far out into space that they'll engulf Earth. 
252455615968443048 represents the red giant phase, and it will last about a billion years, before the Sun collapses into a white dwarf. Astronomers estimate that the sun has about 7 billion to 8 billion years ( 252455615968443048 seoncds)  left before it sputters out and dies. Humanity may be long gone by then, or perhaps we'll have already colonized another planet.